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Activities pg 185
By whom and how have Jews been discriminated against throughout their history?
The Romans had discriminated the Jews by destroying there temple and driving them from
Judea 2000 yrs ago. Christians felt that because Jews did not accept Jesus Christ as the son of God, they mistakenly believed they were responsible for the killing of Jesus. In the middle ages, Jews practiced money lending which caused the Christian Church to not allow them to own land. As well as being made scapegoats for the Black Death. The
German race saw Jews as inferior because they believed that the German race is the
'master race'. This called for the eradication of the Jewish people in Germany.
Why did German people increasingly support Adolf Hitler in the 1930s?
Hitler believed and maintained the ideology that the German race was the non-Jewish race. So called the 'Aryan' race, Hitler described the Jews as a parasite trying to destroy
Germany's 'Aryan' race. In the 1930s, Hitler became a strong, popular leader who would prevent the communists gaining power. As well as being the sole being that would lead
Germany out of her economic problems.
How did Hitler come to power in January 1933?
On January 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by ageing President Paul von Hindenburg. The Nazi Party then quickly made sure they assumed power and destroyed any form opposition.
What attitudes towards Jewish people indicated by both Source 1.2 and Source 1.4?
In Source 1.1 and 1.4, Jews