Essay on History: Africa and Nationalist Demands

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-Europeans introduced new _____, ________, and cash economies.
-built roads,______, and ______.
-Europeans denied educated Africans top jobs in colonial governments
Health care and Education:
-Western doctors developed vaccines for _________ ,__________, and helped reduce dealths from malaria.
-By the 1950s in response to nationalist demands, colonial rulers built more hospitals and schools.
National Borders
-At independence, African nations inherited borders drawn by ___________.
-Colonies included people from _________ ethnic groups and with different –conflicting interests.
Impact of World War 2:
-Sharpened the edges of ________________.
-African troops returned to find _______________, and __________________,at home, those ex-soldiers became easy recruits for growing nationalist movements.
The Global setting: * ___________ and ________, the largest imperialists powers, were faced with growing nationalist demands * Introduced political reforms, that would lead to gradual independence * In 1947 after _______ won independence from __________, African leaders grew impatient
Nationalist Leaders:
-In the cities the political parties published ____________,held mass rallies, and mobilized support for independence
-First African nation to win _________ was the British colony of ______________.
-Through _________,___________, Nkrumah tried to win concessions from Britain
-Later Nkrumah was imprisoned because it led to riots
-1957, Gold Coast won _____________.

-Freedom only came with armed struggle
-Radical leaders turned to ____________ warfare. They burned farms and destroyed livestock, hoping to scare the whites into leaving.
-Arrested ______________ to stop violence and forced thousands of Kikuyu into ______________ camps.
-75 died among the whites, about 13,000 Kenyans
-In 1963 Kenya became a _____________ with Kenyatta as president
-1954 Muslim Algerian group turned to guerrilla warfare to win freedom
- ___________ was unwilling to retreat from Algeria. As the fighting escalated -a half –million French troops went to Algeria
-1962 Algeria celebrated its freedom
Africa and the cold war:
-United States and __________________ became involved in a long, bloody war between the nations of ______________ and ________________.
African Regional organizations:
-1963 set up the organization of African Unity (OAU)
-Promoted cooperation among members and sought peaceful settlements of disputes
- Organization failed to prevent conflicts between ___________________.
-2001 African leaders gathered in ______________ to launch a new African union
The UN:
-African countries and other countries focused world attention on issues including ____________, ____________, and economic development.
Disaster Relief and Military intervention:
-U.N forces with U.S support, brought food to the