History: Africa and World Essay

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Dalyon Conway
Human relations
Grundy Meadows
Wednesday Aug 29th Going abroad has been a very life changing experience not only because I have got to see the world from a different perspective but also being able to work with other people around the world. Anyone who gets a chance to go out of the country weather its Ghana of to china you should never turn that opportunity down. Just by making the decision to leave the comfort of your home and go to a completely different country is a bold one in its self. Because you are taking risk of being way out of your comfort zone and you have to make yourself adapt to a new culture which can be a very hard task to follow especially when you are not used to big changes like that. Going to Ghana has been a big eye opener this experience has brought lots of change to me as a person. Because instead of just look at Africa as a poor run down country which is often the way TV and the media portrays Africa to be. I have been able to break some of that speculation and see firsthand for myself that you can’t just believe everything you hear and see on TV. The idea that all of Africa is a poor country is not true, yes there are parts and places in Africa that are poor but that just like any country. Ghana West Africa is actually very rich country especially when you look at all the resources that they have down there. They can grow almost anything down there from fruits to vegetables. They can grow things like coco which is a big product that is needed in America because Americans consume a lot of chocolate. They also have different plants that can provide medical healing like healing for malaria and other harmful diseases. If they were just able to have a better form of government they would be able to make more money off these things. Another important idea that I have encountered is that everybody in Africa is starving. This is not true for a number of reasons, the first is that because Africa is such a land rich country there is food growing ever where you look and chickens just free roaming. You can eat anytime you what and also there are a number of shelters down in Africa that supports homeless children. I have applied these ideas by understanding what I perceive Africa to be and going in to Africa with an open mind. That way everything that I think Africa is like can be easily change by seeing for myself. I am now able to go back to America and share honest fair facts about Africa and tell people what I thought about Africa based on what I observed. I come from Ghana with a completely different view not only on life but about the world in general. Seeing how other people view the world and what it has to offer is really interesting. I have noticed that there is a completely different idea and point of view about the world other than what people in America think about it. One way is that outside America people are more in touch with the rest of the world political everybody know what is happing you can go up to almost any one and have a talk about the government and what is going on in the world and they will know exactly what you are talking about. There are also other changes that I have made as far as how I eat. While down in Ghana I did not notice any type of fast food joints not one McDonalds which was a big eye opener for me it made me realize how much fake food we eat here In America. Every time you see someone eating in Ghana you see them eating fruit and some type of vegetable. And there meat sours doesn’t come from a factory there cattle are free roaming and you can know you are eating fresh food every time. I have learned a lot from this course. This course has