History: American Civil War and north Navy Advantages Essay example

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Civil War
Choosing Sides Robert E. Lee when he learned his home state of VA had voted to secede from the Union, received an offer from General Winfield Scott to command the Union’s troops. Although Lee had spoken against secession and considered slavery a moral and political evil, he resigned from the army and offered his services to the Confederacy 313 resigned to join the confederacy 7 out of 8 military colleges in south South military, north navy Advantages and Disadvantages Industry and Agriculture North produced firearms and clothing, South gunpowder and produce food. Financing the War Union tariffs and national treasury and northern banks Confederacy bad finances, inflation Party politics in the north War democrats, restore union, supported conflict, opposed ending slavery Copperheads, peace democrats

Habeas corpus – to enforce the militia law Lincoln suspended writs of habeas corpus. Which is person’s right not to be imprisoned unless charged with a crime and given trial. A writ of hc. Is a court order that requires the gov to either charge an imprisoned person with a crime or let the person go free. A person can be held w/o trial indefinitely. This was anyone who openly supported rebels or encouraged others to resist draft and defy laws. Strategies Jefferson davis – the confederate constitution emphasized states’ rights and limited central power. This interfered with davis ability to be successful. Supported constription and established martial law in spring of 1862. Plan was attrition. Defense,…