History: American Civil War and Three-fifths Compromise Essay

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US History Civil War The Civil War symbolized the hardships that the Africans faced during the slave period. There were many hardships that country was facing which resulted in the war that killed off many people in the nation. The Constitution, the Jeffersonian and Hamilton split, social concerns, expansion of the west, and more political woes that dissevered the nation which ensued the Civil War that lasted for four years. The Constitution contributed to the Civil War. Other than battle between the North and South, the battle of the quills had a larger impact on the nation. The war concerning representation for the House ended in the three-fifths Compromise. This promoted a split among delegates, and the ideas of Jefferson and Hamilton were created which formed political parties. While slavery contributed to the writing of the Constitution, other major factors influenced the split of the nation.
Thomas Jefferson had a vision that believed that included the common man and the life of the agrarians. This involved having businesses come up with their own ideas from government intervention. The idea of economic and political behavior left the decision to the States. There were risks in this including high population density and concentration of money in the hands of a few. Washington’s opposition to political parties was that he believed that it would damage the society and cause a separation between the north and the south. Riots then led the way for outside influence.
The Tariff of 1828 wanted to protect the industries in the north that were struggling due to under priced goods taxing them. Southern states had a rough time because of the price demands on good not in their possessions. Brits also found hardships because of the decrease of importation. The British also could not pay for the cotton that they received from the lower states. The south then felt like the north was deceiving them. Resulting in the government increasing their powers, which were a result of the Tariff. Concluding the south to feel threatened.

Missouri Compromise’s ambition was to handle all slave inquiries. The decision on slavery was owned by the states but the void carried problems that caused the split of America later on resulting in war. The interference of the property of slave’s owners was one thing congress could not do because it harmed the need for equality. John Brown was upset and started to kill