Essay History: Amish and Amish Community

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I’d like to start off by thanking the Philadelphia Police Department, this medal means a lot to a man like me. However, instead of boasting, I’d like to take the time to share something very important with everyone here today about belonging and our desire to belong. It concerns the Amish people or A-mish people as some may refer to them as. Let me ask everyone here, how much do you all know about the Amish? Let me tell you right now, the bond they have between them is unlike anything you or I have ever experienced before. A few weeks ago, I was just like any one of you, ignorant and misinformed. Hell, if you asked me a few weeks ago, I’d have grouped them with notorious cults like The Family. However, as I mentioned before, the last few weeks I have seen the world in its purest form.

As you’re all well are, I had the pleasure of living in the Amish community for around a week, and I can honestly say, I’ve seen things I never imagined I’d see. Ask yourself, how many people do you know that would risk their safety to save your life? I had the entire Amish community. The feeling of belonging is one we all desire, and I can safely say, everyone in the Amish community belongs and plays a role in its running. I met a wise man there by the name of Eli; do not let his weak and fragile appearance fool you, for when it came to construction and farm work, Eli was as strong as any other.

Not all my experiences with the Amish community have been positive, however. I lost the only person I’ve ever loved to the Amish community. Sincere, caring and feminine, qualities in which all men desire she had, and oh I did truly desire her. She was the one the first person that made me feel welcome, she was the reason that I stayed in a community, that although unbelievable, was in complete contrast to the man I am. I can still recall dancing with her that night, in the barnyard, just the two of us to the lovely tunes coming from my car. Later on we shared a moment of passion; I can still taste the soothing smooth lips of hers. I would give up nearly everything for her to be right here by my side right now, but I know that’s not possible, and it’d be selfish of me to demand it. I understand that she has a commitment to the Amish community and I understand that her commitment is to stay and marry within. However, I still am suffering; this isn’t easy, even for a seemingly hardened man such as me.

I guess the question you’re all wondering is why I came back here when the