History And Accomplishments Of The Civil Rights Movement

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There were many accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement that wase for the best of everyone in America and felt in other parts of the world. The NAACP was formed and helped fight for the rights of the African Americans, for positive total freedom, equality, and respect for all human dignity (“Accomplishments Of The Civil Rights Movement”, 2008). With this they won the right to vote, not have segregation schools, to ride anywhere in buses, to live where they would like, to eat in any restaurant while seating anywhere they would like. African Americans were allowed to stand and fight for our beautiful country besides the white man. This union may have set the pace for many others as all countries and Americans saw our government, our military leaders, our soldiers as one united front. All of this gave the African America greater pride in their race and allowed other races to as well be treated without discrimination. …show more content…
The brutality that met many a protest turned deadly at times. These were turned into Riots by the white supremacist and at times even the police brutality with tear gas, whips, and clubs (Potier, 2004). All of this was still happening in 1965 which speaks volumes as to the time it took for equality. The Civil Rights Movement failed in the economic and violence side of poverty in the African American society. Unemployment for an African American was double that of the white American. The African American even today after the 30 plus year battle for Civil Rights, is still angry, bitter, and have much resentment. Some are still treated unfairly and/or not completely equal especially again in the