History Ap Terms Chapter 14/15 Essay

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The second industrial revolution1- The term means that the south before the civil war is not the same as the south after the war, since its economical plan is different and does not rely on slave labor anymore.
2- I personally believe that determination is more important because a smart individual can be lazy and just not use his intelligence unlike a determined person who will never sit and is always looking for answers and always looking for new things, he is the one that will be successful.
3- I would not give the money but I would use it for buildings homes for the homeless and give those homeless people jobs in one of my companies making them faithful to me and keep the cycle going by giving their kids and grand kids jobs at my company.
4- I think he means that greedy people are bad because its better to use that money for the better good than to keep it by your side and just die and leave it there to most likely not to be used for good reasons.
5- I think it made transferring messages faster which helped with privacy and it made it easier to make long conversations easier so it does not take a smart individual that knows the Morse code to do it. And it also made working in the mines safer since you can call and ask for a doctor or something..
6- I think he meant that inspiration is nothing without hard work you can be inspired as much as you want but if you are not willing to put that work into it you are not going to succeed.
7- I think they were making fun of