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The allies won the war in Europe in 1945 because of various events like Dunkirk(24th May 1940), Battle of Britain(July 1940), Pearl Harbour(December 7 1941), Battle of Stalingrad(July 17 1942) and D-day(6th June 1942). However, the most important was, in my opinion, Battle of Britain. I think Battle of Britain was the most important event, which helped the Allies win the war in Europe because Battle of Britain marked the first defeat of Hitler's military forces, with air superiority seen as the key to victory. During the battle, the RAF and Luftwaffe(German Air Force) fought in the skies of Britain. In Battle of Britain the Nazi tried to launch a Seaborne attack against Britain. During the battle, RAF airfields were attacked because Nazi's wanted to catch them off guard and to destroy their planes. However, after a long time fighting in the air, Nazi's couldn't defeat Britain so they stopped attacking and focused in the Eastern part of Europe. If Britain hadn't won the Battle of Britain, Nazi's would have took over Britain, which meant Britain wouldn't be able to help the other countries to fight against them; they would also take all the soldiers and materials and use them for fighting against the others. But by winning battle of Britain, it meant that the bombings to the main city stopped, which gave factories and farmers time to build ammunitions, food, clothing and weapons for soldiers. I think this was a medium term because this happened in the middle stages of the war and was before some of the other events but was after Dunkirk. Dunkirk was the long term because it was the first and oldest major event, out of all, that had happened which also had helped the Allies win the war in Europe. Dunkirk (codenamed Operation dynamo) was the evacuation of Allies soldiers from beaches and harbour in Dunkirk(seaport of northern France, lying between Calais and Belgium Coast). On the first day only 7,010 men were evacuated but by the 9th day a total of 338, 266 soldiers had been rescued. This all had happened because the Nazis had trapped the soldiers in. And Hitler's plan was to Bomb the beaches using Luftwaffe and the survivors would be killed by the tanks sent in. But due to the bad weather they had to face, it was impossible to attack. However even though large amounts were rescued, some soldiers were left behind and Nazis took this as a advantage and turned it into a propaganda like in WWI, which was made to brainwash people. The Nazis told the French that the British didn't care for them and said fighting for them was useless. Also by saving all these soldiers, it meant Britain didn't have to train new ones which would have been an disadvantage for Britain because it would take time, it was time they didn't have. It also gave a major moral boost and made them to continue fighting on. But in my opinion I think battle of Britain is more important than Dunkirk because if the battle of Britain wasn't won, all the evacuation would've become pointless because The Nazis would have gained air superiority and would've kept bombing the cities and airfields. Pearl harbour, I think was a medium term as well because the Attacked happened on December 7th, 1941 which is also near the middle stages of war it happened after Dunkirk and Battle of Britain but before Battle of Stalingrad and D-day. The Attack happened in Pearl harbour on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The Japanese planes bombed the harbour. It was kind of a surprise attack like the one Nazis had used against Poland. It was called Blitzkrieg. This attack led to declaration of war on Britain and US by the Japanese. The attack might have been a shock, but there was no doubt it had been planned for years. The attack on Pearl harbour helped the Allies win the war in Europe because this attack now brought another power house country into the war. The US wanted to stay out of overseas affairs but this attack gave