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Labor unions became more organized as workers began to fight for equality and fairness

After the Civil war was over, and it abolished slavery, there were still laws that made it hard for African Americans to live in peace.
There were new laws because of the friction between Immigrants and the white settlers.
There were social reform movements that came about in Ohio and Illinois.
The rich wanted to gain profits, and the poor wanted better working conditions and better money.
As the East and the Midwest had a better economy, The South’s economy remained weaker.
Immigrants came from China to find work on the expanding railroads.
They just wanted a job, so they were willing to have lower wages.
There was a large friction between the rich and poor
Economic or type of economy
The economy was mainly based on Agriculture. Some of the people living there did factory work.
When the Civil War ended, It abolished slavery, and slavery was the source of the South’s labor. The south still stayed mostly agricultural.
There was mainly Agriculture in the Midwest, so this meant that settlers would have more land in the West.
There was a large growth in farming and manufacturing.
Population change
There was a growth in the manufacturing community. This meant that there was a need for workers. So the northeast became a hot spot for the immigrants.
After the civil war most of the African American’s left the south so that they could work in the new factories that the north and Midwest provided.
Immigrants from china came to the west searching for jobs, because they heard of the expanding railroads.
The cities grew rapidly, and became the nations largest population growth in this time period
By the 1900’s there was canals, roads, and railroads. This made shipping faster.
A lot of the transportation was destroyed by the civil war.
The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. This transported timber and gold from coast to coast.
The upper west became a hub for shipping and transportation

Part 2- Respond to the following prompt in a well-developed paragraph of your own words. Be sure to include social, political and economic factors in your