Similar Events In The History Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Both representation one and two talks about similar events in the history of the civil rights movement. Representation 1, refers in less depth some of the major counter actions of segregation such as The Greensboro sit-ins. Although it does not go into depth it gets It does in fact give a slight background as to how this protest was conducted such as give g slight bits of information such as the year and state I which it was conducted in and in what period did This action of freedom in fact accomplish its goal of desegregation. Whereas in source 2 written by the British association for American studies, it Refers to these major events more in depth as it Also mentions the works of the SCLC (the southern Christian leadership conference) which began in 1957 by a man with a dream, Martin Luther King. In the source 2 it also Explains as to how this civil movement group Had in fact failed in various other attempts of spreading awareness across the state of America, but it was In fact the Greensboro sit-ins at a Woolworth’s lunch counter which "began a new (and more aggressive)phase of the civil rights struggle “And made the SCLC more effective in taking down segregation for once and for all.
Furthermore, representations 1 and 2 both talk about the freedom riders Although in different perspectives as in source 1, it Refers to how the sit ins in fact inspired others to commence voluntary action against the laws which held people of different coloured skin apart, thus making/creating the movement of the freedom riders which involved both African Americans and white to unite together and sit together "on busses and travelled together to cities in the Southern state of America “However Representation 1 has limited accuracy and reliability, as The events are explained very briefly without a clear depth of understanding. An example of this would be "angry crowds in the city of Alabama attacked the freedom riders" it does not mention who they were IE the colour of their skin, age or race, whereas in representation 2 it explains more into depth The as to whom was conducting this type of violence against the freedom riders. In representation 2 it also states the different states of Alabama "cities of amnistía, Birmingham. Montgomery” this making the source more reliable as it States a large span of locations showing us that this violent occurrence did not occur in one single part of the country, but a broad range of cities, which in fact shows how this type of nonviolent action has begun to be shown around the Country and not only in one specific place.
Furthermore, representation It also states how the federal government became aware Of the violent actions that protesters were commencing and as to how it is damaging the views of the people of the USA against those of the government, however it