History: Benjamin Franklin and Albany Union Plan Essays

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Tomer Mizrahi 12/23/2012
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According to Benjamin Franklin's way of thinking, the American Revolution would might have occurred later in time if the Albany's Plan of Union had been adopted. The reason the revolution would be postponed was because England would have not been able to abuse the colonists with taxes to pay down their debt, if they unified under the Albany Union plan. His reasons to persuade the colonies, unity for war, less likely to be attacked, laws for the general good would be made, trade would be regulated better which would make enemy's weaker, and new colonies would be established. But, the most important reason was because the colonies would unite together being under the same body, and making rules that benefited everyone and rules that would help the common goal they shared defeating the enemy. These reasons were important implements of Benjamin Franklin's persuasion to the colonists to agree with his proposal opposed to others; which would have postponed the revolution. If the Albany Union plan was passed England would of had to initiate an alliance with colonies as a risk that they might separate from England, making their own parliament and electing their own leaders; not ones that were elected by the king. The reason England would of had to do make an alliance was Mercantilism, the colonies were the majority of Britain's income. Why wouldn't Britain let the colonies become democratic and used the income and business that Britain already had? They were in major debt as a result of the French Indian war which and now relied heavenly on the colonies to provide money for England. Also this idea would have taken a long time to work and because they were already one of the great powers in the western hemisphere at the time they could not afford to lose money because of