Bubonic Plague Cause

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In 1348 the plague became viral. It was the worst more devastating natural catastrophe to have ever hit Eurasia. The Black Death killed millions of people. The reasons for this sudden outbreak of the plague is thought to have been caused by the cold spell Eurasia experienced or by fleas biting the rats and transferring the disease by biting the humans.

Starting in the 1320s the disease started to break out. It was less widespread and less frequent but it was still unusual and unknown. People had no idea what the disease was, where the disease came from, or how much damage it was going to bring.

During El Nino the weather in the tropics and the southern hemisphere usually changes the normal conditions. In Europe, reversals of normal patterns produced longer spells of extremely cold weather for a decade or longer. The weather seemed hostile to people who had to endure it. The climate change also helped disease to menace or undermine human activities and destroy many crops.

From research, scientist concluded that the bubonic plague was to blame for the many deaths and suffering people endeavored. The bubonic plague was a rat-borne disease that was caused by fleas biting rats and ingesting the rat’s diseased blood and then the fleas biting the humans and giving it to the human victims. The symptoms of the bubonic plague is usually death, but if the human survived a few days after being bit they would show signs of swelling as big as Brazilian nuts on there neck, groin, or behind their ears. They would also show symptoms of jitters, vomiting, dizziness, pain, and it was often accompanied by an inability to tolerate light. People had no idea where the disease originated. Their last thought was that rats were the main culprits.

Researchers believe that the plague was to be said to have started in China and Central Asia. But we cannot say that subsequent outbreaks elsewhere were a result of communication with China. The reason we cannot blame China for causing the disease is because other outbreaks in different areas may not have been the same disease. People documented different symptoms and different occurrences correlated with seasons when the disease would outbreak. The plague traveled from chine to Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, 70% of the tenants died. The plague also traveled to southern France, where they lost 80% of their population. There were so many deaths that cemetery space ran out and