Essay on History: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Rights

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Charter of rights and freedoms an important piece about Canadas history. That created Canadian society into an incredible state of providing equality. Charter has brought a society of equality, unity and justice as well as, diversity in Canada. Charter of Rights and freedoms has given new independence to Canadian society. In order to make a nation strong, a nation needs great leadership and laws that make people equal in a society, with different background, regardless of race, color, mental disability, gender or nationality. History has it, a country that has not provided equality towards minority or considers differences of race and color. That nation has not survived a first round of independence. Definition of independence doesn’t mean freedom from external hindrances but also freedom within a nation. The main purpose to convey to audiences, that Charter of Rights and Freedom has provided equality to majority and minority, unity between citizen, permanent residents and newcomers, as well as, created equal opportunity on seeking justice from offenders’ side and victims.
The charter of rights and freedoms is a historic piece of written law in the Canadian constitution, where, every person in Canadian society became free in choosing the life, people desired (freedom) under the law. It has provided an entire new identity to the nation and became the symbol of freedom and equality under the law, as well as, among other countries around the world. Along with the charter, came freedom and improved laws about multiculturalism and religious expressions. Cultures and religious group were given permission to practice their traditions and values in the society without fear of hindrance.
History of the charter of rights and freedom goes back to, independent bill of rights, an older version of Charter of rights and freedom; it was not constituted but labeled as, an independent bill in 1958 by Sir, John A Diefenbaker and was first document of rights that provided rights of life, religious freedom, equality between different racial groups, press, media, speech and other sections. Bill of rights was first regarded as, charter of rights and freedom in 1958 but did not have any power in government. Thereafter, the bill of rights superseded into a charter of rights and freedoms.
Afterwards, charter came into the Canadian constitution in 1982 from liberal government of Pierre Trudeau. The main purpose, of the