The Effects Of Patent Medicines

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People, I am Samuel Hopkins Adams, some of the things you drink, and the medicine you take may have patent medicines in them. Some of the examples of the things are Coca-Cola, cough syrup, women’s tonic, and other prescription medications. The examples of the patent medicines are cocaine, heroin, alcohol, morphine, and cannabis. With no labels on the things we use then how will we know it is safe for us to use. If you do not know what I am talking about it is that patent medicines are bad for your health.
Some of the effects of cocaine are blurred vision, elevated heart rate and breathing, decrease in appetite, fever, and paranoia. The effects of heroin are scarred or collapsed veins, bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves, lung complications, and arthritis. The effects alcohol and morphine are nausea, anxiety, numbs your senses, sickness, depression, liver and kidney problems, and fits. The effects of cannabis are blood shot eyes, increased appetite, risk of cancer of the head, lungs, and neck, low sperm count for men, and high testosterone levels for women.
Now, that you know the effects of the patent medicines and that they are really harmful to your body, people are dying every day from them and it is not just men and women but children too. If it is not you who is dying then it is your family and friends, because the patent medicines not only are harmful to your body but your head and brain as well. I am not saying not to buy the products but