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Cold war
The cold war was the geo-strategic, economic, and ideological struggle between the world’s super powers; the Soviet Union and the USA by their respective and emerging alliance partners. 1947-1991 * Propaganda attacks * Economic issues policies of non-cooperation * Shifting power between super powers * Raw materials to advance societies * Yalta, Potsdam, iron curtain, Truman doe, Marshall plan, coniform, berlin blockade, hate, Korea, Vietnam, warzones, berlin wall, urban missile, viruses, nuclear test ban treaty.

UN- 1943 “collective security”

Schools of thought
Conventional Stalin expanding communism in Europe- USA therefore forced to defend themselves against this expansion.

Revisionist: the events of 60’s – 70’s. The Truman doctrine was a possible cause of Russian action. Russia was provoked by the Truman doctrine.
Post revisionists: believes World War 2 and post war changes crosses with communism
E.g. mao tse tung, tito
‘Religion is the opiate of the masses’

Viet Minh: command allies opposing French lead by Ho chi minh govern the north.
Viet Cong: small group of leftover communists ‘GOOK’ in the south they were masters of guerrilla warfare – (tunnels, area experience)

How the Vietnam War affected Australia * Mild public concern * Gogh Whitlam withdrew the troops * Troops from Vietnam rejected by RSL * More bombs dropped on the north Vietnam than the whole of the second world war * First television war, chemical war, guerrilla war, ideologies * 100 years of euro control * 1930’s start of communism * 1940’s fell to japs * Anti-communists and foreign powers * Yellow peril * Domino theory * Robert Menzies, Harold holt- disappeared, suspicious communist plots * Harold holt “we’ll go all the way with L.B.J” * Helicopter war
Answering short answer responses: * Do not be a bird (don’t repeat the question, make a point) * Terminology * Precise sentence structure * No ½ marks * Know the time period

Answering long answer responses * Quotes * Extra terminology * Extra paragraphs * It’s okay to be a bird

Korean War: * Menzies * General Douglas MacArthur * Napalm, germ, flame throwers * Agent orange – defoliate * Moratoriums – peaceful mass rallies
From 1962-1972 Australia was involved in the Vietnam war * Détente: keeping the peace * Iron curtain