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cloud computing an approach to computing where tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software, and services
Application software
Programs that direct the performance of a specific use of computers
System software
A system of programs that manages the operations of a computer system
Application service provider, ASP companies that own, operate, and maintain application software for a free as a service over the internet
CASE tools
Integrated software tool taht supports the develoopment of software applications
Custom software
Software designed in-house for use by a specific org or set of users
User interface
The function that provices a means of communications between end users and an operatin system
COTS software
Commercial off-the-shelf
Virtual memory
Provides a greater memory capability than a computer's actual memory capacity
The ability to do several computring tasks concurrently
Presentatin graphic software
Converts numeric data into graphic displays
Language translator
Translates high-level instructions into machine language instructions
Performances housekeeping chores for a computer system
General-purpose app. programs
A category of app. software that performances common info processing tasks for end users
Function-specific app. software
Software available for the specific applications of end users in business, science, and other fiels
Web browers helps surf web Persoman info manager helps keep track of appointments and tasks
Integrated package
Program that performs several general-purpose appications
Software suites
A combination of individual general-purpose app. packages taht work easily together