History Database Essay

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Rebekah Barber
January 26, 2013
Professor Jones
The ABC-CLIO E-book collection databases contained numerous written sources of historical figures, both well-known and inconspicuous. On first glance of the website, I could see that it contained many slave narratives. These are all important sources because the firsthand accounts of slaves are not often told. Another significant aspect I saw was the “Daily Life through History series”, which explored the lives of citizens throughout periods of war, expansion of civilization, and Holocaust and devastation. Based on what I could tell, the site seemed to thoroughly explore parts of history which many people may often overlook, like the plight of ordinary people during times of crisis, for instance. Even better, instead of having to travel to a physical library, the database gives the user access to important historical article and excerpts without ever having to leave their house. This site is convenient because it allows a user to view a listing of their institutions’ E-book collection and link up with it. Also, users can browse by the numerous titles, subjects, authors, or publication years to modify their search. Users can also create their own personal bookshelf collection, which is sure to ensure organization and accuracy when performing research. In a technological age, it is also of importance to note that the E-book can be accessed through mobile devices and new E-book titles are uploaded monthly. So, the ABC-CLIO seems to be an outstanding site for conducting research and siting sources, especially when one recognizes how