Analysis Of The Athenian Economy

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Written Assignment 1
The Athenian economy seems sophisticated especially for the time that they are in. On page four of Glaucon speaks about a horse relay race and a social get to togethers that they will be attending such as carnivals and festivals. It is said by Socrates on page ten that a just man is useful for agriculture and providing crops this shows that they have a farming based economy which is still used today rather than an economy based on hunting and gathering . On page twenty-four Thrasymachus talks about the exploitation of one class by another. This is seen in our present day economy in places such as casinos, lottery tickets, and credit card companies. Based on all that I have read in book one of Plato’s The Republic it is easy to tell that the Athenians had a sophisticated economy. They took many things for granted such as leisure time where they would go parties, festivals, carnivals and sporting events, and play chess. The exploitation of the lower class was also mentioned which used today by short term loan companies on the lower class resulting in a downward spiral into never ending debt. Based on the amount of leisure time and the separation of class I would assume that the Athenian economy is sophisticated and very similar to present economy. The Athenian political system seems to be run by poets,’ philosophers, and the wealthy. On page fifty-four Plato speaks of the state providing its citizens with shelter, food, and clothing. This shows that people working with their hands like weavers, builders and farmers are working for the government and the wealthy