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Marissa Gonzales
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Abortion is wrong and heartless. Human life begins at conception. Therefore, abortion is murder of a person. Of course women should be able to make their own choices and decisions but when it comes to abortion it is done for their own convenience. Numerous women that get raped get abortions. Those women are still in the wrong but it’s not the babies fault the woman got raped so the baby should be able to live and have a life” this is the intro to my persuasive essay about abortion”.
There are reasons that women have abortions. 25% feel unready for a child/responsibility. 23% feels she can’t afford the baby. 19% has all the children she wants/other family responsibility. 8% relationship problems/single motherhood. 7% feels she isn’t mature enough. 4% interference with education/career plans. <1% parents/partner wants abortion “why do women have abortions”.
Some religions are against abortions. Catholics and Christians are against abortions because it is murder. Catholics and Christians think girls do it just because they don’t have a choice. Catholics and Christians believe that babies shouldn’t be killed no matter what happens even if the mom isn’t ready” why do roman Catholics think abortion is wrong”.
Do you think abortion is wrong? I personally believe it is. Abortion is bad if it is a choice. Just imagine someone killing you right now! Your alive, your heart is beating, you feel pain. Well just because we can’t see the little human being doesn’t mean were not killing a life. Its cold and disgusting “why do you think abortion is bad”. “do you think abortion is wrong”.
Some women have abortions because they are going through medical procedures or have illnesses that they will not be able to bore a child and have to abort. Some girls end up having a miscarriage and have to abort, but if it is your own choice it is complete murder. The decision to have an abortion should be decided carefully if not it could cause physical and emotional health problems for the mother
As you can see abortion is wrong in so many different ways. Women have hard decisions to make in life. Sometimes women make smart decisions and some make stupid decision. One major stupid decision to me is abortion because you’re killing an innocent child. Abortions are really stupid because if you on your back there is a percentage you can get pregnant so don’t open your legs if you’re not going to take responsibility and take care of it.

It may promote more underage sex, because if there is a hope for young teens that even if they get pregnant, they can just abort the baby, then that might possibly promote more sex. However, if abortion is less recommended to be done, then less people (hopefully) will be having underage sex. Technically, a human life is being murdered in the process of an abortion. our rights say that all humans should have the damn right to live right? So having abortion would mean killing another human.
Also when it was illegal it was dangerous because people lost their lives from it. when abortion was illegal, many women lost their lives in back alley abortions. Making it illegal doesn't stop it from happening- it just makes it more dangerous for the women. More lives are lost- if you are really pro-life and not just anti-women.
Abortion should be illegal. I