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Some people may see Alexander the Great as an incredible statesman, but some people may see him as a slaughter. When Phillip the 2nd died in 336 B.C. his son Alexander the Great inherited the throne and became king at the age of 19. He notably conquered Persia and Egypt and many other territories at a remarkable young age.

Alexander the Great inherited the empire of Macedon and what he did with all that power was great and that is why I admire him. His father, Phillip the second wanted to conquer Persia when he was alive but after his passing, his son took over and became king. Already that was a big step for a 19 year old to be controlling a whole society. I can’t even imagine if I was controlling all of Montreal at the age of 19. He decided that since his father wanted to conquer Persia and wasn’t lucky enough to live to do so he wanted to do it. Everyone thought he was crazy since he didn’t have much experience in fighting, but he still wanted to do it. You could see how much doubt he had, a whole society telling him he couldn’t do something and he went and proved them all wrong. Alexander the Great was 19 years old when he beat the first Persian Empire; he defeated Darius the 3rd (greatest army in the world). Alexander the great was the only one who had never been defeated, and what did he do next? He conquered Egypt. Last but not least Alexander the great treated Darius the 3rd with a tremendous amount of respect when they met at the side of the road. Most kings would’ve kicked and punched but not Alexander he wanted to give him a real burial even though he was his enemy he believed that he deserved one. To me that is a sign of a real king, he once again showed the world how great of a leader he was.

Alexander the great had his good times, but he was also capable of committing atrocities. One thing that was horrible about Alexander the great was the way he conquered territories. In my opinion he does remain a murderer. When you conquer a city that basically means you’re wiping out that entire race. Meaning Alexander the great murdered civilizations, in some ways we can see that Alexander the great was a bad leader because of his drinking habits.