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Young America- many public figures, especially members of Democratic party- used this term to describe their program of territorial expansion and industrial growth
Youngest president= James K. Polk
Literary world- it influenced the two greatest writers America has produced: Walt Whitman & Herman Melville
Walt Whitman and Herman Melville- greatest authors in America
Moby Dick- Herman Melville
Manifest Destiny- a doctrine in support of the territorial expansion based on the belief that the US should expand to encompass all of North America
Empresario- Anglo Americans
Tejano- Texas Mexicans
Rebels and Mexican troops in San Antonio fought the famous battle of the Alamo. The folk here Davy Crocket and 7 others were captured and executed.
Sam Houston became the first president of Texas and a hero of the Industrial Revolution.
United States Magazine and Democratic Review- charged that foreign governments were conspiring to black the annexation
3 main ideas behind the Manifest Destiny: * God favored American expansionism * “free development”… meant “extending the area of freedom:. * The US would occupy the entire North America content
Mexican American War- conflict between the US and Mexico after the US annexation of Texas. As victor, the US acquired new territories from Mexico.
At Buena Vista, Zachary Taylor claimed victory over a sizable Mexican army sent to dislodge him. He became a national hero and Whig candidate for president in 1848.
Stephen Kearny led an expedition and captured Santa Fe.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- ended the Mexican-American War. Mexico…