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The Rights and Responsibilities Of The 2nd amendment!

Gary Athill
Ticorious Hudson
Ana Dominguez

Senior Division
Group Exhibit

Process paper
In the beginning of school, I was introduced to this year. I looked up two of the amendments that I felt Americans abuse because we don’t recognize the responsibilities that come with those rights which are the first and second amendments. My partners and I took a few days out to research these two amendments .Then, one day after school my partner and I decide on a topic of gun related crimes that have happened in Fort Pierce this Past Year. Fort Pierce police say that since January 1, 2013 they have responded to approximately 100 shooting incident calls, more than 30 individuals have been shot and 5 deaths have been gun-related. I think that if people understood their responsibilities that came with the right to bear arms, then those crime rates would go down. Our interest in these statistics has helped us to come up with the title Got Gun Sense? The Rights and Responsibilities of the Second Amendment.
With this well debated topic internet sources such as usconstitution.net and also constitution.findlaw.com these websites have helped me to define how the rights and responsibilities that come with the right to bear arms have been used properly or abused by the American citizens. Ana and I collected information from internet sources about the history of the second amendment and how the rights and responsibilities have changed over the years. Not only in America but also in places such as ancient Greece and England .Ticorious gathered information on how Americans today have taken advantage of the responsibilities that have come with the right responsibly. All of us researched for pictures to go with board
Of all the different presentations categories I could have chosen from like a paper documentary, or even a performance or play. I felt that the one that would show our creativity the most was the exhibit .We have more freedom doing an exhibit to design our board the way we want
This year’s theme for the national history fair is rights and responsibilities in history .as stated in our guidebooks we have the right to find a topic that we want to find out more about ,but we also have the responsibility to choose carefully and develop our national