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Three Essays:
1. Explain the decline of religion in the colonies and discuss the Great Awakening (25 pts):
Unfaithful Pastors, Uninterested church members, unqualified educators, unstable communities. There was an enlightenment movement in Europe, which stressed human reasoning as a source of truth, as a result, faith in God was replaced by science. Then the Great Awakening occurred, which revitalized Christianity through preaches and making people have personal revelations. The Great Awakening began with Jonathan Edwards, who preached and gave sermons emphasizing a personal and immediate religious experience. His sermons attracted large crowds, including George Whitefield who also helped in the Great Awakening. Edwards most influential sermon was “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” The next influential person was George Whitefield, who was an Anglican preacher. He attracted large crowds and spoke of repentance and salvation. The work of these two helped make people more interested and educated some others, which resulted in the growth of the Church and more pastors. The Awakening also led to people becoming more emotional in their faith. It also resulted in a split of “New Lights” and “Old Lights” with New being the people that preferred the way emotional way Whitefield and Edwards preached, and Old preferring little emotion.
2. Explain how the French and Indian War was a war of blunders (10 pts): The French and Indian war started in America and spread to Europe. It was a war of blunders because more things went wrong than right, and mistakes were made. One mishap was when Virginia claimed all of the Ohio River, but then the French built a fort in the claimed land. Governor Dinwitty sent George Washington to get the French out of there, so he traveled there and set up Fort Necessity. After battling, the French sent George Washington a letter. Because of a mistranslation, Washington thought that the French were surrendering, so he signed it. It turned out it was actually a note that made Washington surrender, so they were defeated. This was a major blunder of the war. Then General Braddock was sent to atone for the defeat, and the next blunder occurred when Braddock was warned of the French and Indian's tactics, but he did not listen and got killed. The next blunder was by the French, as the British were able to disguise themselves to sneak into Quebec, and then soundly defeat the French