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History 111 Final Paper To this day the American Civil War remains the bloodiest war in American History. More soldiers were killed during this war than in any other war in the history of our country. Although the North eventually won, there were times when it looked like the south may have won and a new nation may have been formed. I would like to consider what would have happened had the Confederacy won the American Civil war. In the year 2014 I feel that slavery would still be a part of our everyday lives especially in the south. Many sports and entertainment that we see today such as basketball, football, and baseball would almost certainly not exist or if it did it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. African Americans would not live very happy lives even if they were free. I think it would be even worse than it was in the mid-1900s when Martin Luther King was fighting for black rights. Also, I believe that we would definitely not be the prominent world power that we are today and instead would be somewhere in the middle of world powers. All the production in the south would keep our country afloat but the lack of technology and innovation would mean that we were far behind other countries that had to find ways other than slaves to create fast efficient labor. Women would also still be second to men. I think that they wouldn’t have advanced much since the Civil war because the plantation owners and those in the south wouldn’t allow it due to the fact that they seemed to think they owned everyone and everything. If women had power then they threatened what the slave owners had and their authority and thus the slave owners wouldn’t have anything to do with women having power. Had the south won I also think that the nation would be much more divided and chaotic than it is today. Today we are pretty uniform in thinking that racism is bad and what was done to slaves and Native Americans during the 1700s and 1800s was wrong. If the south had won I believe that there would still be many people that felt along these lines but the government wouldn’t allow any abolishment of slavery or anything of the like and therefore there may still be vicious battles in-between states in Congress about these important topics. In the end it is a great thing that the north won the civil war. Slavery was not fair to those affected and I am a firm believer that had the south won there would still be plantations all over the south. It was not only good for the African Americans but I think it was great for our economy and just the emotional well-being of people of all races within the country.

The time in our history I would like to visit would be the time in the early 1800s when Lewis and Clark were exploring the west. I think that this was not only a really exciting part of our history but something that I would truly enjoy because I love to be outdoors. Throughout