Essay about History: Final Examination and Long Term Memory

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Emmanuel Abraham
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“Ways for studying Final Exam” As someone who has been in school for the past 13 years of my life I have seen many different ways people decide to study for their final exams. The best method of studying for a final exam has long been debated though. Most people would agree though that the three most common methods of studying for a final exam are those who isolate themselves, then they’re those whose philosophy is that the best method to in groups with other people and finally they’re those who study within intervals taking a break between each interval. Not everyone studies in these ways listed above, but most studiers can be grouped into at least one of those three categories. It always seems like half of the student body in nowhere to be found at the usual social events or hangout spots during the week before final exams. The reason for this in my opinion is because these are the type of studiers who isolate themselves from any distractions such as Facebook and any social activities. In their eyes the best way to study is to just sit down in a room by themselves for hours at a time and review any of the course notes that they’ve taken or re-read the course book. Their reasoning behind studying like this is because they feel like if they’re no distractions around them they can just cram as much knowledge into their heads as possible. The positive thing about studying this way is that there aren’t many things that can distract them while they’re studying. The negative thing about studying this way is that they often suffer from burn out where their mind is just being over loaded and in the end they end up barley remembering anything that they crammed. Another group of students that will almost always be around during finals time is the group of students who study best in groups. They’ll usually be seen around campus quizzing each other on the course material or writing flash cards together. Many of the people who study this way swear by this method often time using the saying “Two heads are better than one”. The positive thing about studying this way is that with all the extra people around you can have other people quiz you on the material and also brainstorm different ways of how to memorize the