History: Florence and Italian Renaissance Essay

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January 30, 2014
Italian Renaissance The Italian renaissance all started with a group of Italian thinkers came to a conclusion that this old era and age is over, it’s time for a rebirth. This is rebirth of new learning for art and literature and culture. The early humanists, such as writer Francesco Petrarch, looked a lot into the ancient Greeks and studied their philosophy’s and the teachings of the Roman catholic church Under the influence of the humanists, literature and the arts climbed to new levels of importance. The renaissance started in Italy and spread vastly through Europe. The most prominent feature of the Renaissance was the furthering of the arts. There were so many advancements of new techniques and styles. Painters and sculptors experimented with prospective and took it to a whole new level of art. The famous “Mona Lisa” was painted by Leonard da Vinci in the middle of the Italian renaissance. Renaissance artists were inspired by the classical art rather than the medieval art. The Italian renaissance was divided into three different categories, Early, High, and Late Renaissance. A lot of the paintings were created out of oil or powdered pigment. There were thousands of art pieces created through this time. The Italian Renaissance was big into religious themes. There were many scenes which looked from the bible such as pieces of Jesus and the saints. Renaissance painters try to create a lifelike art with expression and emotion with detailed faces to almost look real. Artist Giotto di Bondone was called “The Father of Western Painters”. He did a lot of realism in art and some say he mastered it. The main difference