Essay on History: Gautama Buddha and Siddharta Gautama Jati

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Han Wudi






Siddharta Gautama



Examine the profound changes brought about by the discovery of agriculture. How did this seemingly simple discovery change the course of human history?
The changed humans from a migratory people to a people with set towns and communities, allowing them to focus on other specific skills and technologies that replaced the skills of hunting and gathering.
Man stayed in groups and simply settled in one area to watch crops grow when farming began to supplement hunting as a means of gathering food. This meant staying put in the late spring, summer and early fall. Tribes and clans could move around and follow herds in the late fall and winter months. Today we hunt in those same months, carrying on a ten thousand year old tradition.

Let's look at the changes other than that though:

1 Specialization of labor led to people being tanners, potters, carpenters and even religious leaders.

2 Towns grew up and people learned to live in close proximity to each other by.....

3 Developing rules and laws to govern behavior of a group's members.

4 Hybridizing crops led to better production when new seeds were crossed with stronger, older ones, for instance. This happened as long as ago as 1500-2000 BC in Mexico with some of the Indians developing better corn plants.

5 The first farming probably took place on the