History: Greeks and Hellenistic Kingdoms Essay

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Alexander |
What were the reasons for Alexander the Great's conquest of the Near Eastern world?
Alexander the Great had such a strong desire that he had to continue winning and conquering other empires in order to be satisfied. He kept going and conquering because he was never felt fulfilled with what he had. He was always tempted by everything that is unknown and he loved to take risks. As a child he was not close with his family in fact, he considered his tutor, Aristotle who taught him from philosophy to science, more of a father than his own. Alexander conquered more than any other single man ever could conquer. The reason for his conquest of the Near Easter world was because Persia once owned this land and tried to take over Greece. Alexander always had that in his mind and wanted to revenge for what Persia has done to the land of Greece and the Eastern world.

Greek Victory |
Like the Trojan War, the Persian Wars were a defining moment in Greek history. The Athenians, who would dominate Greece culturally and politically through the fifth century BC and through part of the fourth, regarded the wars against Persia as their greatest and most characteristic moment. What are some of the major factors in the Greek victory over the Persian Empire?
Alexander the Great had several generals that divided up his conquests and established city-states or kingdoms of their own: the Hellenistic kingdoms such as Egypt, Macedon and Syria. Despite the Persians’ numeric advantages in terms of soldiers, infantry and naval fleet, the Greeks’ cooperation of the kingdoms were just too much for the Persians to defeat. There are some other factors that caused the Greek victory over the Persian Empire. First of all, most of the Persian soldiers were mercenaries and Greek soldiers were well trained warriors. When soldiers are fighting to protect their homeland, they fight better than the soldiers that are invading. I think the major impact was the Hellenistic kingdoms cooperation and their stability.

| The Greek army was a stronger force than the Persian army, that were fierce fighters and superior fighting style. The