History, Heritage, Traditions, And Pride Of Springfield College

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The past two days I have learned quite a lot. Yesterday, I was informed on the history, heritage, traditions, and pride of Springfield College. The museum was full of exhibits and displays that reflected the years since 1885, when Springfield first opened. Something I learned was the first basketball game was played by the students versus the faculty and the students won 5-1. I think that learning about the history of where you’ll be for the next four years and where I consider home right now is inspiring. Today, September 25, was a real eye-opener. It was nice to come out and help others out because at the end of the day, I sat back and thought of how lucky I have it and how I need to appreciate the small things in life more often. A pair of us read to children in Kindergarten at Brookings School. After that we finished up with a few games of bingo. They seemed to really enjoy our company and that made me feel great. Some parts were difficult trying to get their attention but it was all part of the job. Today made me find myself and I also liked being exposed to different lifestyles of other people. I have always enjoyed being active in doing community service. Growing up I was taught to give more than I receive. I have volunteered at soup kitchens, daycares, camps, and food drives. Comparing it to wellness today increased self-confidence. When I do good deeds for others, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also, volunteering helped me gain some friends.
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