History: Herodotus And Thucydides

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Ancient Greeks passed down so many things like science and math, literature, history, philosophy, and art and architecture. What is the most important? Well, that would be history. History is so important in so many ways. Think about it. If it weren’t for people like Herodotus and Thucydides writing down their history, we wouldn’t know about things like science and math; or anything else for that matter. We need to know about history to know about other things. For example, Herodotus wrote the first most detailed book of history. We learned about their architecture that way. If you were to compare the white house with their buildings you would find similarities between the two intricate designs. Those columns came from them! That was all because Greeks wrote down their history. …show more content…
Thucydides enjoyed to corroborate. These books that they made were read, learned, then passed down. History has a funny way of doing that. Now we have learned their ways and made them better. Our history is being jotted down right now for others to learn about our ways. The lives that we live are all like the Greeks. Ours have more technology, but are similar. Kids go to school. Adults go to work. We eat three meals a day, and they did the same. This means that we learn from them. We wouldn’t do anything similar if the greeks didn’t write it down. Thucydides only wrote about events in his life so that he could get the full story. He wrote about the wars and how they could end if we reasoned about what they wanted rather than forcing it. We learned from their history that not everything has to come with war. You can talk things out and see if that works. America only had a couple of wars and we are still standing doing fine. Ancient Greece eventually ended. America wants to stay a country for as long as possible. That is what Thucydides was trying to get through and he