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I. The Long Term Origins and Causes of the Spanish Civil War a. Ideological i. Socialism (PSOE) 1. Began to develop from the Bolshevik Revolution 2. Growing liberal movement throughout Spain 3. Remained Ineffective 4. Could not figure out how to unite Indalincao Pirato moderate 5. Largo Caballeao is the radical socialist ii. Anarchism (FAI) 6. Stemmed from the land distribution 7. Grandees held most of the land 8. Opposed democratic practices, active in urban trade 9. Spain had been in decline since the Elizabethan Era a. After 17th century not really a superpower b. Political iii. Historical Military Involvement in the Government 10. Proven itself to be largely ineffective in Morocco in 1906 and 1926 11. Spanish military was too large and too top heavy 12. Massive officer corp. made up of upper/middle class folk iv. Political Instability 13. 1820- Spanish army backed by liberals overthrew Spanish monarchy and also established constitutional monarchy 14. 1821- Absolute monarchy is restored; Spain lost in the Mexican war of independence 15. 1833- death of King Ferdinand of Spain; current line of Bourbons 16. 1833-69- Reign of the Queens; more oppressive; characterized by role of Military and government 17. 1869-70- Anarchist revolts 18. 1870-71 Monarchy overthrown; Establishment of First Spanish Republic 19. 1871- Army moves to replace constitutional monarchy 20. 1875-1918- because of democracy 21. 1921- Army massacred by the moors in Morocco; key group of officers known as the Africanistas (includes Francisco Franco) 22. 1923-30- General Primo de Rivera seizes control of the government; does not remove the monarch c. Economic v. Ownership of the land 23. Agricultural economy that was unable to provide food for itself 24. Central and southern Spain the Grandees owned Latifundias vi. Rise of the Anarchists 25. Industrial area of Spain is in the north 26. Riot broke out and the military was sent in 27. The church supports the wealthy landowners 28. The poor looks to the anarchists vii. Catholic Agrarian Foundation 29. Appealed to more conservative elements 30. Provided some support if the people stood against the socialists viii. Trade Unions 31. The urban areas: the poor had less loyalty to the church 32. Wages were bad, housing was horrible, little in the way of social welfare 33. UGT- Socialist led 34. CNT- Anarchist led 35. Power rests in people and strike (collective power) 36. Businesses never feared the unions because of surplus amount ix. Boom- 1914-1918 37. They provide food for both sides of the war 38. Increased exports x. Bust 1918-1923 39. Expansion of wartime years collapses d. Religious xi. Union of Church and State 40. Conservative government supported the Church 41. Church given power over education 42. Church assist financially the conservative only and government II. The Short Term Origins and Causes of the Spanish Civil War e. Political xii. De Rivera Coup & Authoritarian Right 43. Created political stability 44. Industrial production triples 45. Ends wars in Morocco 46. Debt continues to build 47. The wall street crash of 1929- Rivera resigns in 1930