Essay History: Industrial Revolution and Final Answer

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Why was life expectancy so low in the Industrial Towns?
In this essay I will answer the question why was life expectancy so low in the Industrial Towns? I will back up my answer with a series paragraphs finally producing my final answer in my conclusion.
One of the reasons for life expectancy being so low where the working conditions such as in the factories there were no safety features like emergency cut offs or protective clothing if you got injured it was your own fault, also there was a big risk of being trapped in the machines this also leads me on to the mines. In the mines the miners could be up to their knees in mud and dirty water and they did get any real training and then there what it does to the human body because, there are huge chances of getting lung disease and going deaf due to them having no ear protector. This leads me to the chance of the mine collapsing or there being an explosion when laying the TNT to expose the coal or iron ore.
The seconded reason for life expectancy being so low is that the housing conditions back then where so poor due to the facts that houses where no more than five feet away from each over and that they had no form of drains, also they where pack in to small houses sometimes 5 families in one house or 1 family per room. The houses where all constructed quickly so the wall were very thin and some had to live in cellars which had stagnant water and damp walls. This leads me too sewage and water, because the houses were built so quickly they did not have any running hot or cold water and the main water supply could often become contaminated and dirty also there was no sewage pipes to carry human excrement away so it was…