Essay on History Is A Weapon

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History Is a Weapon

Shawanka Bowen
University of Houston

Sociology of African American Family
Dr. Richards

History Is a Weapon

When you see color, you often see the reds, the blues, green, black, brown and white. For those who embarked the journey from Africa to the United States experienced the Drawing of a Color Line. The complexion of another is defined as color, which dates back to the early colonial times. Slavery became a part of an institution which consisted of hands on labor a position all blacks in America were a part of over the course of 350 years .
During the initial settlement of the United States, there were limited food rations, which caused a dramatic starvation period. In the article it address how those who came to settle the land had no initial experience, and did not know how to live off it and at one point they turned to cannibalism and eating anyone or anything that they could find. This caused the white settlers pressure, which lead to the incorporation of the slavery of blacks.
Indians were killed and land taken away in order to show who had the true authority in the newfound land and the use of slaves was the answer. More than a million slaves had already been transported from Africa, South America, and Portuguese to work and what is the start of the slave trade.
Torn from their homeland, culture and family blacks were the most easily broken and shape into what the slave traders/owners wanted and could maintain. The white settlers knew that this was the only way for them to go being that they were in no position to force the Indians as Columbus did to