History: Islam and Different Arabic Prayers Essay

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The Five Pillars of Islam are the major ideas and concepts that each Muslim is required to abide by during everyday life.The first being Shahada, being based on beliefs on the there only being one God or Allah and that muhammad is a messenger of God. Muslims recite "there is no god but god and Muhhamad is the messenger of God" during prayer to show commitment to their faith. The second Pillar is Salah,the pillar of prayer consisting of five different Arabic prayers from the Quran. There are specific times of the day to recite each prayer, Fajr during dawn before sunrise. Dhuhr is done at noon right after the suns highest point, Asr is done late afternoon before the sun goes down. The Maghrib is during the evening after sunset and the last is Isha done during the night before sleep. It is encouraged but not required for these prayers to be performed in a mosque.

-The third Pilar Of Islam is Zakat, its meaning is purification and growth. It is based on a system that requires the Muslim community to provide charitable donations based on their income in the name of God. These donations are put back into the same community into areas that need it most, weather it be to one of their own or to build a mosque.

The next is Sawm the act of fasting, an exercise of discipline and self control. During Ramadan it is Muslim faith to consume liquids or eat food until dusk for an entire month.This is to bring them closer to receiving forgiveness of their sins, and to develop