History: Jesus and Virgin Mary Essay

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Review Guide for Unit 4 – Exam
Christology Mr. Cadd

1) The following statements are true concerning the Virgin Mary:
a) She had authentic free will to either accept or reject the words of the angel who expressed
God’s wish for her to become the mother of the Christ.
b) Mary is highly honored in the Catholic Tradition because of who her son is.
c) Mary is rightfully called “the Mother of God.”
d) We recognize her unique role in salvation history.
e) Mary is venerated by the Catholic Church.

2) The following statements are not true concerning the Virgin Mary:
a) She conceived Jesus in her womb in the way every human being is conceived.
b) She was herself divine (she is forth person of the Holy Trinity)
c) Mary is worthy of worship.

3) CatholicsbelievethatafterdeaththoseChristianswhohavepassedth- roughdeathare,outof charity, still concerned with people in this life – as we pray for people in this life, they pray for us as well.

4) Veneration is honor, respect, and devotion.

5) A holy day of obligation is a day in the liturgical year on which, in addition to Sundays,
Catholics are obliged to participate in the Eucharist.

6) The belief that, by a special grace from God, Mary was conceived without original sin in the womb of her mother is called the Immaculate Conception:

7) Catholics believe Mary remained a virgin before and after she bore Jesus. This was a sign of her total dedication to serving God.

8) Piety is an evident religious disposition.

9) The text of the New Testament(for example, Mark3:32 and Galatians 1:19)speak about the adelphoi (often translated as “brothers” or “brethren”) of Christ does not definitely prove Jesus had siblings – his “brethren” were likely relatives or people from the same Jewish tribe.

10) Litanies are prayers consisting of a series of invocations and responses.

11)The name commemorating the visit of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary is the Annunciation.

12) We never ask Mary or the saints to answer our prayers in the way God answers our prayers –