History: Latin America and later California Indians Essay

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The Ice Age period between 1300 CE-1850. At the time between 300-1400 CE this time the temperature was minus degree Celsius. , weather is changing rapidly. Then everywhere water on land of California. As I found in cherry Tailkomol was founded and later named as California. North American and European peoples are living in this ice age, they need to find warm area, at this time California is the best warm area. That’s why lot of north American European are moved in to California. In 30,000 BCE –history saying at this time first human settled in California. American scientists also believe that, large portion of humans came from Asia followed by the big animals group from south America. Lots of native peoples are formed in California and they formed like different group tribes. The tribes are following different cultures, different languages and different type food gathering process. The tribe’s livied their life doing hunting gathering variety of grass plants , acorns , wild onions, and various types of digging foods. Later California Indians found different techniques in cultivation, propagation, and increase their food supply. Oak tress cultivation get the main resources in California at the time of Indians improved their agricultural skills. Fishing also one of the great living purpose, then later slowly started great trading between two tribes or band or towns.

The trade started like –in San Diego peoples trade acorn meal for melons.We have evidence about California Indians food culture. After they