History: Liberalism and Boer War Essays

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In 1906, the victorious accomplishment of the Liberals in general election is an unpredicted outbreak. However, the Conservative was failed to earn their position in the history of politics. Whether the Liberals won the election by such a large margin of their great influential success or the Conservative failed to deliver an amicable agreement with the British is doubtable. Numerous factors had contributed to such outcome. Those who sees the remarkable victory of the Liberals might say that it is due to the orchestration on social reform and the introduction of New Liberalism, the working class, who benefit the most from welfare and they were considered as one of the vital concern. The issue that had split the Liberal Party had been put to one side, such as Home Rule for Ireland and the Boer War was over, which in the long term meant the party was stronger because there was agreement throughout. However, The Boar War benefit the Conservative in the short term due to their victory against the Dutch in South Africa. Despite the fact that The Boer War has brought benefits to the Conservative, it actually contributes to the great defeat in 1906. After the war was over it was far more costly in lives and money than they could had been expected, also methods used by the British in defeating the Boers caused moral dispute in Britain, concentration camps were set up for the Boers. Nevertheless, The Boer War also revealed the level of poverty in Britain and this has embarked