Women In Nazi Germany

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A guide to Nazi Germany

The women in Nazi Germany
There was been many changes to women in society, especially women in the 1920 in Nazi Germany.
We Nazi’s want to reverse the development of the 1920’s, so that women would return to their traditional role as homeworkers and childbearing for the following reasons:

Our leader Hitler believes in this traditional role, which he raised women for very important roles in society.

We Nazi are determined to increase the birth rate and strengthen the third Reich.

Women had a central role in producing the genetically pure Aryans (Germans) race and the future Nazi warriors.

Our Nazi slogan ‘kinder,kirche ,kuche’ sums up the role of women in German society

Adolf Hitler wants women, to be house wives and look after their children

The women and unemployment

Our women are encouraged to give up their jobs. They should get married and have large families to get more Aryans (Germans).
We force women doctors, civil servants and teachers are forced to leave their jobs we expressed to labour exchanges and employees to give the first choice job to men. As we are all facing an economical problem of unemployment, there for the men should work to provide for their families.
We considered that girls should be discouraged from going on to higher education, so they don’t have the qualification for professional careers, as its best for them to become an amazing mother to our Aryan race. Marriages and families 1933 we established a new law to encourage marriages which was introduced.
This provided loans to help young couples to get married as long as the wife leaves her job. If the couple have four children, they will be allowed to keep one quarter of the loan they have borrowed. Our policies encouraged Germany to have more laws against abortion. Therefore birth control clinics will be closed down. Our great leader allowed the government to increase maternity benefits. We have created medal awards for women with large families:

Additionally a new national organisation for women is being formed called the women’s enterprise organisation which organise classes and radio broadcast on household topics and motherhood skills

Our dream women appearance

Fair haired
Blue eyes
Sturdily body ( curvy body )
Broad hips for childbearing (birth) and to wear traditional clothing, not fashionable ones because we want simple women in our country. No smoking and drinking we also deliberate that women should not be slim because being slim is considered bad for child beading

The Nazi and young people our aim for the young people are: to train boys and girls for their different roles later life.
It is compulsory for all teachers to be member of the Nazi party, and to swear on oath of loyalty to the Nazi party because we don’t want them to betray the views of the Nazi’s and teach children the wrong.
We Nazi try to achieve this aim by controlling education during the weekdays. We use education as a method to be able to control the young youths for their, own good and will.
We have a camp which helps the teacher to understand the Nazi’s views and help them improve their skills for teaching the students about the views of our country.
We keep the teachers under control by the remembers of the Nazi