I Want A Wife Analysis

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1) a) Ethos - She is already a wife, and already has a male friend who recently divorced.

b) Pathos - She may appeal to a certain type of male, possibly the kind that wants the

type of wife she writes about, whether it’s realistic, or not. In an indirect way, she

may be describing herself, and her not being appreciated. She could be sarcastically

describing what she would want in a wife, because that’s what she is already doing

for her husband. c) Logos - There’s little logic to what she’s saying, because most of the things that she

wants from a wife are extremely demanding. So in a way her tone is sarcastic, like

she is saying from her perspective, aren’t those too many expectations from a wife?

And what about what the wife feels/wants?

2) In the essay, “I want a wife” Judy Brady writes about what her ideal wife would

be like, if she had one. She describes her as attentive, submissive, a super mother, a host,

a maid, someone perfect for her busy lifestyle. Being that she states that she herself is a

wife and a mother, she knows the experience firsthand. She knows what is expected of

someone who is a wife, and the ups and downs of it. Based on the things that she writes

about wanting, you can sense that she is writing from her own experience, or someone

she knows. She comes from the perspective of someone who has a lot of demands