History: Metaphysics and Reality Essay

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1. I agree the most with Heraclitus and his definition of the arche. I love how he bases his definition on the subject of time, and that “all is becoming.” I agree with his conjecture that he describes reality as always moving forward, because we cannot step into the same river twice. That means that every second is different from the last and no second can be the same. I find this to be the most relatable to my reality because time controls everything that I do. There just is not enough time in the day. Our society is solely based on strict schedules, and agendas. It is always where you need to be next and what you need to get done in a certain amount of time. Time will always move, even though reality may change. The clock never stops ticking until you leave this earth. Secondly I found Thales’ idea that “all is water” to be general and is my least favorite understanding. I don’t believe that all things are one, because there are many things that do not relate to each other. I also don’t believe that reality’s foundation is a material substance, because many humans tend to frown upon being materialistic. I believe the people in this world that are living their life most correctly are the people that are one with nature and the outdoors. I think the second favorite understanding is Parmenides’ definition of the arche, “being and becoming,”. While reality is being and not becoming, it’s impossible to avoid thoughts of what is to come. Everyone always thinks of the future. I think my definition of the arche would be very similar to Heraclitus’ definition, because I base everything on