Essay on History: Middle East and United States

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Israel’s relationship with the United States
With the United States currently being tied up with not one, but two wars in the Middle East, it has become very important for the U.S. to have strong allies. Since, it’s formation in May of 1948, Israel has been a key ally to the United States. The relationship the United States has with Israel was spawned in 1945 and has been strong ever since. The United States has been so supportive to Israel that Israel has often been labeled as the fifty-first state. Having a reliable ally in the Middle East should be a dream come true for the United States, but in some aspects the relationship the United States has with Israel has caused more obstacles than solutions in the Middle East (Mark). The country of Israel was started so that Jewish refugees could have a homeland. To this day any person who is 100% Jewish is a citizen of Israel, with many Jewish-Americans moving back to Israel a strong alliance has been formed between the two countries. The main supporter behind the recognition of Israel for the United States was President Harry Truman. Only eleven minutes after Israel was created in 1948, President Truman recognized the State of Israel (Bard). The United States made a bold motion in 1948 by showing they supported Israel, this single motion was what started the alliance between the U.S. and Israel, but this alliance has never been embraced by the rest of the Middle East (Pipes). The majority of the Middle East is for the most part against both America and Israel. This makes American diplomacy rather ineffective in the Middle East, because not only do Middle Eastern countries have a dislike for Americans, that dislike is augmented by the fact that Middle Eastern countries, especially Iran, don’t like Israel either. Although the United States has tried to make progress in the Middle East in the past, any conflict Israel has been involved in the United States has been on Israel’s side (Bard). During the Bill Clinton Administration the United States helped to create a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, but because the United States was so heavily involved in the treaty, Palestinian people never embraced creating peace with the Israelis (Pipes). Although Israel has been a tremendous ally to the United States since 1945, the relationship that the United States has with Israel