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Being a dominant figure in the politics of Canada east as the leader of the Parti Bleu, I strongly believe that the creation of a new country, Canada, was a great idea. I am
George-Etienne Cartier; the leader of the French in Canada East, one of The Fathers of
Confederation, co-premier of the Province of Canada together with John A. Macdonald, joint
Prime Minister of Canada with Sir John A. Macdonald, railway promoter, and a politician.
Having several reasons for supporting Confederation, especially the fear of American expansion being one of them, influenced me to speak at the Charlottetown conference, proving that if the plan (Confederation) protects Lower Canada's special interests, its religion and its nationality, the French-speaking Canadians were to give us support and that Upper Canada were able to live with the French. At the Québec Conference, I argued for the creation of a new
“political nationality,” and that boycotted Rouge leader A.A. Dorion’s argument that French
Canada would be better off joining the United States, by stating that French interests could be protected under the planned confederation. I also supported confederation because between
Canada East and Canada West, there were always government problems or crisis’ one after another. So, I believed if a new system of decision making was created with one central government and provincial governments to deal with local issues, it might help make government more stable in both of the Canadas. I also supported this because there would be the chance of increased trade and more security against the people across the border.
During the Great Coalition which involved many leaders such as John A. Macdonald,
George Brown and I, we proved by our influence that it was possible for English and
French-speaking Canadians to agree on big questions such as government reform. A large amount of Lower Canada supporters and I allied with Macdonald’s supporters of Upper Canada
Conservatives joined together to create political deadlock in the Province of Canada. After that, we convinced George Brown and his supporters to join the Great Coalition, and we all worked towards a