Essay on History: Native Americans in the United States and Europeans

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History Midterm Project Essay

The first settlers that settlered in America were the Native Americans. There were about 1.5 million Native Americans that lived in the continental United States, although estimates of the number vary greatly. Their settlements ranged across the Western Hemisphere and were built on many of the sites where modern cities now rise. They hunted deer, buffalo, and other game and cultivated land where today crops are still grown. Their hunters, warriors, and traders used paths now followed by roads and railroads.
The vast American continents have many kinds of land and climate. In each area nature provided special plants, animals, and raw materials. Thus Indians of various areas had different food, clothing, and shelter. They worked out different ways of life. Native American farmers were the first in the world to domesticate potatoes, tomatoes, and many other food plants that help feed the people of the world today.
The reason for Native Americans arrival was based on getting more land, and the opportunity to live freely. The Native Americans were also the first to raise turkeys. I believe that the Natives had honourable reasons for coming to America because, they were the first people to arrive at America. So that tells me that they should be able to do anything they want there. Even when the Europeans settled in America the Natives just kept living there lives and welcomed them with respect. The Native Americans had lived in America for thousands of years until the first European explorers set foot on their land. Europeans moved in ever greater numbers into Native American territory. The Europeans goal was to take over America and force all Native Americans out to west. Europeans believed that their way of life was the only true way to live. Indian culture was different to the Europeans. When the Europeans settled in America they started killing buffalo and take over the Natives land. The more buffalo the Europeans killed the less food the Natives