History: Neolithic Revolution Essay

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Lecture #1 1. Paleolithic Age (c. 2,500,000 BCE - 10,000 BCE) * Scientists argue that humans emerged in a central Africa about 4 million years ago. * Paleolithic (Stone Age) people were nomadic hunters (men) and food gatherers (women) who lived in small communal bands (20-50) * Given their Stone Age technology, most of their weapons were made of stone, wood, bone etc. * Fire: A Paleolithic discovery (about 500,000 BCE) which improved the standard of living by providing/facilitating heating, cooking, illumination and protection. * Language- Which was vital to communication to the transformation of culture.

2. Neolithic revolution (10,000 BCE 4,000 BC) * The most important change of this new revolutionary period was the shift away from hunting and food gathering to the production of food through agriculture (farming and domestication of animals) * crops include - wheat and beans * Animals include - cattle and pigs

* In short the arrival of agriculture brought animals and plants under human control * with this new development (i.e. agriculture) came the concept of private ownership and social inequality

3. Five Characteristics of a "Civilization" * The Neolithic revolution gave birth to a new form of human existence called "civilization" . * Historians (such as Lynn Hunt) have identified 5 major characteristics of civilization.

1. A urban focus cities which serve as important: