Essay about History: New Zealand and Alluvial Miners quartz

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-Allvial Gold: gold found deposited in Silt + Soil (i.e. alluvial material)

-Quartz Gold: gold found looked in a quartz matrix usually in reefs.

-Capital Intensive: economic activity/industrees requiring large investments of money in plants, labour, technology.

-Depletable Resources: Non-Renewable resources once it is extracted it is gone.
’sunset’ that are short-lived rather than permanent.

3 differences between a Quartz Gold Miner and an Alluvial Miners

Quartz Mining involved Gold being extracted underground from quartz reefs where as Alluvial Mining involved picks and shovels retrieving land from the surface.
Required deep shafts in which miners blasted and hacked the quartz from its surrounding rock which was more dangerous compared to the Alluvial Mining which used methods such as damming rivers and pumping water out.
Alluvial Miners worked more to themselves/keeped to themselves where as Quartz Miners generally worked as a team and were more social able.
Quartz gold miner often single as there was a ratio of 76 guys to one woman where as most Alluvial Miners had a family.
Changes in, bought by, the gold industry
Becomes more capital intensive over time both in the North island and South Island.
Made the South Island dominate for two decade 1860-70s compared to North Island.
”The Golden Hoard” comes into New Zealand during the Gold Rush and an increase in population by about 100000 who stayed.
Internal Migration
Economic Capital shifts from Auckland (1860) to Dunedin in 1870.