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1) The 1st Americans a) Mayas i) Slaves are prisoners of war ii) Developed a written language iii) Astronomers predicted cycles of seasons iv) Predicted eclipses v) Created water ways – construction of aqueducts b) Incas vi) Machupichu vii) Built entire empire on the steep slopes (1) Commerce and messages viii) Sociological or class system ix) Good metallurgists (miners) x) 7million ppl c) Aztecs xi) Nomadic ppl (2) Wondered mexico (a) Great mercenaries (3) Supposed to see a symbol – eagle w/ a snake in beak (b) Can stop nomadic lives - & Build a city – Mexico city (4) Absorbed technologies – like Romans (5) Lots of deities (c) Temples to sun & moon (i) Fertility, war, life & death, resurrection xii) Quetzalcoatl (6) Cultural war w/ Aztec Life (7) God fearing soldiers (d) Devil warships (8) Pwr & conquest – empire (9) Not an actual god, but a god Aztecs believed in, featherd serpent god of death & resurrection (10) Humanoid xiii) Moctezuma II (11) Aztec God /empire (1466-1520) he ruled the Aztec empire @ the time of Cores landing & also would preside during its destruction (12) Man kind will always desire physical wants (13) Signs & change in pwr. xiv) Hernan Cortes (14) Arriving on the shores of Veracruz in the Spring of 1519 w/ 11 ships & 400men, this Spanish explorer/conquistador is credited w/ destroying the Aztec Empire. xv) Bernal Diaz (15) A Soldier in Cortes army, he was the expedition’s chef recorder. He kept a daily record of all that he saw. One of the small # of primary sources on the Aztec empire. (16) Religion/Superstition 2) 1st European Contact d) Bjarni Herjufsson xvi) While sailing from Norway to Iceland to Greenland in 986 or 987, Herjulfsson, A Norse explorer, was blown off course in a storm. Though he managed to regain his course, he reported seeing low lying hills covered w/ forests somewhere to the west. Believed to be the 1st European to view mainland North America. e) Leif Eriksson xvii) In 1010, Leif Eriksson explores the routes of Herjulfsson & Eric the Red & discovers & names land in present-day Canada: Helluland, Markland & Vinland. He also attempts to permanently settle Vinland but fails. Thus, he becomes the 1st person of European origin ever to set food on the North American mainland.
3) Rise of Modern Europe f) Dark Ages xviii) Europe as a ppl – were “higher” than the mediocre xix) Europe is short, could not put soldiers on the shore because they did not have the resources xx) Catylist, would take out of this mediocre (17) ppl lived dirt poor (18) salvation of one another (e) living a sin free life was not accepted xxi) If one person commits a sin – the whole society was full of sin g) Crusades xxii) People with not contact would now know what was given to them or taken (19) Silk, cotton, pottery, swords, (f) Certain sophistication (20) Spices (g) Peppers, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon (ii) High value commodities (iii) Able to preserve food xxiii) A number of wars fought b/w 1095 & 1291 b/w the religions of Christianity, Islam, & Judaism for control of the city of Jerusalem. h) International Trade xxiv) Able to trade all of these new high value commodities. (21) Not awakened w/o new trade xxv) Changes in ships engineering (22)