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Colonial Wars
British Conquest of North America

British imperial policy
Vs. France
International warfare results
117 year war fought between France and England (Mortal enemies)
In American = Ohio River Valley/Canadian border
Western New England
Northern New York
Western Pennsylvania
1608: Quebec (Canada is New France)
St. Lawrence River Valley
1688: New France = 12,000 white settlers (French have many forts)
(New England = 100,000)
Further westward = to modern – day Indiana
1718: Fort Quiatenon
1731: Vincennes
1689 – 1697: King William’s War
1702 – 1713: Queen Anne’s War – detailed account of what colonial life and warfare of what happens in a particular village
French & Indian allies
Attacks in NE & NY
February, 1704: Deerfield, MA raid
Walking from Canada to massachutess
Walked from Montreal
50 killed, 111 prisoners
Reverend John Williams (Deerfield, wrote a diary)
March to Canada ( If you slowed them up they killed you )
Conversion ( Roman Catholic priests, converted Indians)
RC tried to convert John Williams and if he didn’t convert they were going to smash his head with a gold cross
The Indians were going to pull out his finger nails with their teeth
Eunice Williams (John’s daughter)
Converts to RC
Falls in love with a Indian and marries him
John wrote would have been better if she died on the walk to Montreal
Deerfield reveals…
Indians used by both English and French
Religious factor (Jesuits)
Effect on westward expansion
1739-1748: War of Jenkins Ear
Captain Robert Jenkins ( living in South Carolina)
He was a smuggler in Spanish Florida
He was caught so many times they finally cut off his ear ( They let him keep his ear)
1738 : Robert had a meeting at parliament
1739 : war declared vs. Spain

All three wars = no conclusive outcome for the continent
1754-1760: French & Indian War or Seven Years’ War
1754: Fort Duquessne (England soldiers walk from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh)
George Washington marched 1450 English = 1000 wounded or killed
60 French & Indians casualties
General James Wolfe (he looked like a red headed mole)
32 years old Sick his entire life
Never been moved by any women
Incredibly intelligent
Very brave
He wanted to attack the city of Quebec in order to destroy the French headquarters which will ultimately end the French’s fort
September 1759: Plains of Abraham
Bluffs around Quebec
Wolfe wounded thrice ( wrist, side, chest)
Quebec and Montreal surrender
Peace treaty of 1763
N of Gulf of Mexico
E of Mississippi River
All of the land belongs to England

Constant vigilance – always watching out for trinity always watching out for liberty
1760’s: English government has no stability
Prime Minister
1721 – 1760 : 2 prime ministers
1760 – 1770 : 5 prime ministers
King George III
Takes over at the age of 23
His mom hated him but he hated her, as did the entire nation
Earl of Bute
Because good friends with King George by having affair with his mother
Nominated as one of the Prime ministers of England
England becomes very angry
John Wilkes
Editor of a newspaper in London
Flaunts society’s rules
“Hell-Fire Club” Basically a prostitution house