Age Of Enlightenment In The Colonies

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Age of Enlightenment in the colonies:

The great awakening:
Jonathan Edwards was a Congregationalist minister in Massachusetts
“Our people do not so much need to have their heads educated but their hearts touched”
His most famous sermon was entitled “sinners in the hands of an angry god”
George Whitefield was a twenty-seven year old minister who in 1739 traveled from Georgia to Philadelphia preaching the “word”

Benjamin Franklin:
Born in 1706 in Boston: the tenth child of a candle maker
1718: Apprenticed to his brother James in a printing shops
1723: leaves Boston for Philadelphia
1729: sole owner and publisher of the Pennsylvania gazette
1732-1758: publishes annually poor Richard: An Almanac
The inventor:
Besides his experiments in electricity, franklin eventually was known as the inventor of the following items:
The franklin stove
The odometer
Makes the first fire stations in the colonies
Number one representative
Helps write constitution and declaration of independence

King George III of England:
He came to power in 1760
Married Charlotte of Mecklenburg- Strelitz
Had 10 kids with her
Died of Porphyria

French and Indian war (part of 7 years war) world war between British and French

Stamp act:
Proposed by George Greenville (first lord of treasury) and eradicated on February 13, 1765
Measure to pay for British military protection of the colonies
A stamp would be attached to printed matter and legal documents such as: newspapers, pamphlets, leases, deeds, licenses, college diplomas, dice and playing cards.
Reaction: “sons of liberty” / Virginia