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Tuesday 2/9

What is it to be the legal, constitutional and political position of an ex-slave?
-labor (replaced with Jim Crow)
-race relations
3 amendments:
Fifteenth- vote w/o agitating for it for a long time
Woman (1848- 1919) agitated for the right to vote.

Group: Irish Blacks
WASP- white Angelo saxton protestant (if you’re not all of them, you’re not white)
Fear of the “battle of the cradle” – fear in rise of the population of blacks
There was a promise of equality; without the reality
Equality of races dates back to the mid-20th century. Up until then, people ranked races.
1. Equality before opportunity
2. Equality before law
3. Equality before God
Thursday 2/12
Blacks in the late 19th century
During the time of reconstruction, four civil rights acts were passed
The last union was withdrawn from the south after 1877 (this was the end of the reconstruction era)
Slaves fled their plantations throughout the south; this was called self-separation
Blacks voted (republic) – in congress until 1901
Whited voted democratic
Sandwiching- outvoted minority; pre-ordaining what the vote will be
Paternalism: the idea that ex-slaves were to be taken care of and controlled by upper class whites; class is the most important factor
They were surprised by the smoothness between relations of black and whites (whites being northerners)
1890’s- things fall apart (blacks in the south)
Upper class of whites lost political power
Rise of the lower class whites: late 19th century. They got tired of being in the position they were in
Originally whites and blacks union
Upper class used scare tactics to separate the poor whites and blacks by using racism.
Segregation laws started to be made after the 1890’s
Northern whites were no longer interesting
1895- more white people in the south were being lynched than blacks in the south (shortly that changed as a form of social control)
1893- bad depression from unemployment rates took place in south, which, in turn, created